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Peace and Healing
The ultimate goal of the Simnuke Project is to further peace and healing by generating awareness.

This simulation is an act of protest, a way to awaken the public to the persistent threat of the world’s nuclear stockpiles and reemerging research into so-called "tactical" or "usable" nuclear weapons lurking just below the surface of our daily lives. Bringing the events long forgotten after 60 years into the present is a tool for healing – by creating a close connection with the destructive nature and history of nuclear technologies, peace will become the higher option.

The Simnuke Project is supported by two leading nuclear policy groups - The Nuclear Age Pace Foundation and The Nuclear Policy Research Institute - helping us further the reach of the anti-nuclear statement we are making.

Furthermore, we draw upon the artist community to interpret the bomb, nuclear energy, and their effects on society in their own ways.

The Trinity Grove
With the help of Tree New Mexico and the local community, we intend to plant 60 trees in the fire-damaged areas above Los Alamos, New Mexico. Each tree is a point of healing, a point of honor to the environment, and a lasting show of respect to those who have lost their lives because of nuclear technology. A single tree for each year since the Trinity event, symbolizes the growth that has happened in the time that has passed.

This grove represents our stewardship over our project, our duty to the earth and to the victims of the Atomic Age, and to have a lasting positive legacy. With sufficient interest, this could be an ongoing pilgrimage – to plant a tree each year going forward. We intend to have the site marked with a stone and plaque.

We are exploring options for locations of this grove on both public and private lands.

Environmental Impact and Harm Reduction Plan
Simnuke can be seen as a very destructive project. In one performance, we will burn an estimated 600 gallons of fuel. However, we believe that the Simnuke Project delivers an important and powerful message.

We are environmentalists, and are planning to use the most ecologically responsible means possible to execute this project. This project has two primary sources of environmental impact: consumption of hydrocarbons and large flame.

By using primarily biodiesel (which is created from recycled vegetable and fry oil) as our fuel, we avoid contributing to the problems of a petroleum-based world by using hydrocarbons that are part of the carbon cycle. Even so, the Simnuke project intends to end up with a significant net negative carbon use through two other means:

First, the planting of the Trinity Memorial Grove is a way to help reduce the carbon emissions that we will release with this project. Each tree planted will absorb an average of approximately 46 pounds of carbon dioxide every year as it grows, and 60 trees would equal roughly in excess of 2760 pounds per year. Thus, the grove will absorb considerably more carbon dioxide over the course of a few years than the project will generate.

Second, for each fan used in the project, we will also purchase “Green Tags” from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, supporting the development of clean renewable energy.

The Mission of the Simnuke Project is supported by:

The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
The Nuclear Policy Research Institute
Tree New Mexico

Please make a tax-deductible donation to the Simnuke Project with PayPal or your credit card

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The Simnuke Project is made possible with the fiscal sponsorship of the Cloud Factory Collective for the Arts, a 501(c)3 organization.


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